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From the depths of untouched nature comes the fruit that runs. Homemade and natural flavors without sugar and artificial sweeteners. 100% fruit, 100% homemade. Kulin, because we believe in the natural!

KULIN is a premium brand 100% Fruit based products brand from Bosnia. KULIN produces 100% Natural Juices & Jams, from the depths of untouched nature with natural flavours. Only the best fruits harvested by domestic farmers and grown on local plantations and orchards are processed according to the traditional recipe to bring natural, delicious and healthy fruit juices without sugar and artificial sweeteners to your tables.

The manufacturer is engaged in breeding and processing of fruit since 1948. Through experience and constant development, we have learned to recognize the best fruits, so that our customers can offer the best products of top quality.

If you have any query regarding our services... We are available.