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GUARD AGRI was established in 1989, as the first private sector company with its own rice research and development (R&D) facility. Since those early days the company has made excellent progress and today has five divisions - R&D, Crop Agronomy, Food, Seed and Agriculture Machinery. Guard Rice Mills is a part of Guard Group of Industries having 70 years history of manufacturing, trading and distributing multiple products in Pakistan and many countries around the world.

Guard Ultimate Basmati, the nature’s longest Basmati rice. Bred after years of research in the paddy fields of Punjab. This rice is distinguished for its length, exceptional quality, exclusive aroma and superb taste. Truly divine, Guard Ultimate Basmati is cultivated with Himalayan river water.

Guard Supreme Basmati, is extra long rice at its best. Bred after years of research and development in the paddy fields of Punjab and irrigated by the melting snow waters of the Himalayas, Guard supreme Basmati is carefully aged for two years to give it the unique and true aroma of pure Basmati. With an average grain length of 7.20mm, Guard Supreme Basmati Rice has exceptional quality that is beyond compare.

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